Top 5 Recruitment Agencies in Mohali

Welcome to the definitive resource for finding the premier recruitment agencies in Mohali! In this detailed guide, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 recruitment agencies that are revolutionizing the field. Ideal for both job hunters and employers in search of exceptional talent, these agencies in Mohali are your go-to source. Known for their unparalleled expertise, vast networks, and unwavering commitment to quality, these agencies excel in matching perfect candidates with the ideal companies. Let’s explore these trailblazers in Mohali’s recruitment scene who are redefining the dynamics of the job market.

Mohali, a hub of technological and industrial advancement, offers a wealth of opportunities for professionals in various fields. The leading recruitment agencies here distinguish themselves with their ability to adeptly link skilled individuals with suitable employers, facilitating a smooth recruitment process. They are more than just intermediaries; they are essential guides and supporters for both job seekers and employers. By adeptly navigating Mohali’s unique job market and specific industry requirements, they provide customized recruitment strategies. These agencies are key players in Mohali’s lively employment sphere, helping to shape a future where talent meets opportunity.

List of Top 5 Recruitment Agencies in Mohali

In Mohali, several recruitment agencies have gained a reputation for their exceptional services. In this blog post, we will highlight the top 5 recruitment agencies in Mohali that you should consider when looking for your next career opportunity. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. TDS  Group

TDS Group, renowned in the Mohali region, is transforming recruitment with innovative technologies. For those seeking top recruitment agencies in Mohali, TDS Group stands out as a reliable partner dedicated to facilitating successful employment matches with a commitment to excellence. They provide comprehensive services throughout the recruitment lifecycle, tackling challenges such as resume analysis, interviewing, and salary negotiation. Specializing in finding the right fit, TDS Group excels in sourcing, screening, interviewing, and candidate assessment, ensuring seamless integration into new roles.

In Mohali’s competitive job market, TDS Group distinguishes itself with its personalized recruitment approach. Recognizing each individual’s unique career aspirations, they carefully match candidates with suitable job opportunities. For job seekers, they offer extensive career counseling, resume enhancement, and interview preparation, ensuring a streamlined recruitment experience.

Employers in Mohali benefit from TDS Group’s expertise, too. Their extensive database of skilled professionals and rigorous screening process connect employers with the industry’s best talent, optimizing the hiring process.

TDS Group’s success in Mohali stems from their team’s deep industry knowledge and commitment to staying up to date of market trends. This expertise allows them to offer insightful guidance to both job seekers and employers.

Client satisfaction is central to TDS Group’s ethics. They strive to build lasting relationships based on trust and shared success, priding themselves on their ability to align the right candidates with the right opportunities.

 TDS Group provides a wide range of services, including:

  • 25 years in the contracting and hiring business.
  • Provides services in retail, hospitality, temporary staffing, training & development, and recruitment.
  • Focuses on industries including real estate, IT, FMCG, telecom, medications, engineering, automobiles, construction, chemicals, and petroleum.
  • Offers web-based software development and creative workforce solutions for the power industry.
  • Concentrates on employing professionals and leaders for elite companies.
  • Lowers the expense of recruiting, onboarding, and administration.
  • Provides comfort and luxury through the provision of hospitality services.
  • Works together with various retail brands to turn data into revenue.
  • Through specialized HR training services, business productivity and employee skill development are improved.
  • Dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of excellence, honesty, reliability, and client happiness.

Contact details:

Address: TDS Tower, E-193, IT Park, Indl. Area, Sector 74, Phase 8-B, Mohali

Phone no.– 0172-5090668


2.  Miles Ahead 91 Consultants

Miles Ahead 91 Consultants, an exceptional recruitment agency, has broadened its scope to enhance client performance in Mohali. Specializing in management hiring and strategic recruitment initiatives, they provide global services, including Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), contract staffing, permanent placements, and specialized assessment centers, all customized to meet individual client requirements. Their extensive experience, both in India and internationally, equips them to offer adaptable, cost-effective best-practice solutions. Known for their flexibility and proficiency in developing effective hiring strategies, they possess deep insights into industry-specific challenges. Their wide industry coverage, encompassing IT, manufacturing, travel, fashion, healthcare, banking, retail, and more, underlines their commitment to placing top-tier candidates and addressing diverse resource needs. This approach has positioned Miles Ahead 91 Consultants as a dynamic force in Mohali’s recruitment agency sector, passionately resolving recruitment challenges and fulfilling staffing demands.

Contact details:

Address: SCO 210, 2nd Floor, Sebiz Square sector 67 Mohali 160062

Contact no.– 8872006878


3.  ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt Ltd

ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt Ltd is a distinguished recruitment agency operating in Mohali, renowned for its comprehensive staffing solutions and expertise in talent acquisition. As part of the global ManpowerGroup network, they leverage extensive resources and deep industry knowledge to meet the diverse hiring needs of businesses in the region. They specialize in a range of sectors, offering temporary, permanent, and contract-based staffing options. ManpowerGroup’s approach is client-centric, focusing on understanding the unique requirements of each organization to find the best-fit candidates. Their dedication to efficient and effective recruitment practices makes them a trusted partner for companies seeking skilled professionals in Mohali.

Contact Details:

Address: Unit NO-B-404, 4th Floor, Bestech Business Tower, Sector 66, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar

Phone no.– 1800 419 4001


  4.  PRCC

In essence, PRCC is a recruiting and educational organization. To give people a bright future is their reason for being. As a result, they set up hiring, staffing, coaching, and interview preparation. Similarly, they offer students corporate training, career counseling, and campus-to-corporate programmers. By doing this, they contribute significantly to the basis of a prosperous career for students.

PRCC is an expert at hiring new employees. They are aware of the wide range of skill requirements and domains. As a result, they assist students in developing new abilities and skills in accordance with industry demands. Additionally, their career counseling is very helpful in identifying the ideal career path for future development and success.

PRCC is committed to connecting employers with deserving candidates for a variety of roles. Their expertise extends to sourcing skilled individuals for positions such as sales executives, visa consultants, visa counselors, receptionists, and site engineers, among others. This dedication ensures that businesses find the right talent for their specific needs.

Contact Details:

Address: Jal Vayu Vihar, SEC – 67, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160062 


  5.  CareerX

CareerX, a premier career consulting firm, stands at the forefront of recruitment agency in Mohali. Their core mission is to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, specializing in strategic sourcing and headhunting to align candidate profiles with client needs. Their innovative resume management process enhances client effectiveness and process improvement. CareerX offers a comprehensive range of services, including BPO and call center job placements, tailored to meet client requirements in speed, scale, and quality. Committed to understanding customer needs, they align HR processes with business objectives, providing all-encompassing HR solutions. Their strength lies in their meticulous approach to understanding the cultural fit of candidates, focusing on long-term business growth and contributing significantly to client success. CareerX maintains high standards in manpower quality and fosters trust-based client relationships, continually striving to be a leading job consultant in the region.

Contact Details:

Address:  S.C.O. 113, FF, Cabin No. 1, Phase 11, Sector 65, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160062

Phone No.:  +91 6239751789



In conclusion, the top 5 recruitment agencies in Mohali offer a wide range of services to both employers and job seekers. These agencies have a proven track record of successfully connecting qualified candidates with reputable companies in various industries. With their extensive networks, industry expertise, and commitment to providing personalized solutions, these recruitment agencies are well-equipped to meet the staffing needs of businesses and help individuals find meaningful employment opportunities. Whether you are a job seeker looking for your next career move or an employer  in need of top talent, partnering with one of these recruitment agencies can greatly enhance your chances of success.



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