Top 5 Staffing Companies in Mohali


Recruiting the right people is essential to the success of any organization. Businesses in Mohali are turning to staffing agencies for assistance locating and hiring top talent in today’s highly competitive job market. These staffing companies have demonstrated their critical role in bridging the gap between employers and job seekers by providing valuable services that expedite the hiring process. This blog post will highlight the top 5 staffing companies in Mohali that have continuously proven their ability to find the best talent.

1. TDS Group

TDS Group is one of the best staffing companies in Mohali. It is a respectable, experienced company in India with over 25 years of experience hiring and outsourcing services for various industries. TDS Group is well-known for its proficiency in offering services in multiple sectors, including retail, hospitality, training and development, and temporary staffing, focusing on the power industry. The company is skilled at providing force staffing solutions while consistently accounting for the costs associated with hiring and training new employees.

As one of Punjab’s leading recruitment agencies, TDS Group is known for identifying and placing exceptional people for respected companies, considerably boosting earnings and customer satisfaction in the retail and hospitality sectors. Their training efforts aim to raise employee skill levels and increase overall productivity within the company. TDS Group uses contemporary technologies and online media in its recruitment strategies to reach various industries, including engineering, construction, FMCG, telecom, medicine, real estate, IT, and the chemical and petroleum sectors.

The company’s strengths are its extensive service offering, a wealth of experience, and industry-specific expertise, with a focus on the power sector. They have a reputation for offering excellent hospitality services and reasonably priced temporary staffing options. Their strategic partnerships in the retail industry and focused training and development programs demonstrate their commitment to ethical practices and client satisfaction.

Key features of TDS Group:

  •       Over 25 Years of Experience: Has deeply understood the hiring and outsourcing environments.
  •       Wide Range of Services: Offers various services, including temporary staffing, retail, training, and                           hospitality.
  •       Broad Industry Knowledge: Can work in various industries, such as telecom, real estate, fast-moving                     consumer goods, engineering, construction, information technology, and chemicals.
  •       Power Sector Focus: Customized workforce solutions for the electricity industry.
  •       Focusing on Quality Recruitment: Skilled at finding professional and leadership talent for prestigious                  companies.
  •       Cost-effective Temporary Staffing: Reduces hiring, onboarding, and administrative expenses.
  •       Excellent Hospitality Services: Ensures luxurious and exceptional experiences with hospitality.
  •       Strategic Retail Partnerships: Collaborates with various retail brands to boost sales.
  •       Advanced Training and Development: HR-specific training programs designed to raise employee                          effectiveness and productivity.
  •       Ethical and client-focused: Committed to integrity, reliability, and client fulfilment.

Contact Details of TDS Group:

Address: TDS TOWER, E-193, IT Park, Indl. Area, Sector 74, Phase 8-B, Mohali, Chandigarh

Phone No.: 0172-5090668



2. Arch Recruiters

Under the leadership of CEO Himanshi Kalra, Arch Recruiters has grown to be an essential player in the recruitment industry with an emphasis on talent placement and empowerment. Kalra’s background in BPO informs her approach to identifying opportunities that fit exceptional individuals well. From CV screening to interview preparation, the agency specializes in expediting the hiring process and provides tailored recruitment solutions, particularly in marketing. Known for offering superb hiring services and possessing insightful industry knowledge, Arch Recruiters is a dependable join in assisting individuals in launching career success.

Key features of Arch Recruiters:

  •       Empowerment Inspired: Increases organizations and candidates by placing exceptional talent in roles that          best fit them.
  •       Talent-Organization Bridge: Connects outstanding individuals with companies seeking out bright talent.
  •       Growth engines: They promote significant career advancement.
  •       Career Enhancement: Facilitates professionals’ ascent through the ranks.
  •       Streamlined Recruitment: Simplifying the hiring process makes it easier for people to pursue successful              career paths.
  •       Long-Term Effects: This has a significant impact on communities and industries.
  •       Dream Realization: Converting aspirations into successful actualities.
  •       Collaborative Methods: Ensures people are paired with roles that suit them best.
  •       Strategic Talent Sourcing: Understand the importance of locating the best talent for the company’s success.
  •       Broad Industry Reach: Connects outstanding candidates with various industries.

Contact Details of Arch Recruiters:

Address: E-328, Ground Floor, Landmark- MySOHO, Sector-75, Industrial Area, Sector 75, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055

Phone No.: 09888923477



3. Adecco

Adecco is a global leader in workforce solutions, employing 25,000 people across 62 countries. To reach 850,000, they currently use over 600,000 people daily. Adecco offers various services, including outsourcing, hiring for both temporary and permanent positions, and training. They focus on inclusion and equality through multi channel advertising, combining their physical and digital presence. They use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their services while maintaining a human-centered approach.

Key features of Adecco:

  •       Global Presence: Works in 62 countries and has a sizable branch network.
  •       Wide Range of Services: Offers outsourcing, internships, training, and long-term and short-term solutions.
  •       Creative Recruiting: Locating and interacting with talent using digital and artificial intelligence tools.
  •       Human-Centric Approach: Achieves balance between customised hiring assistance and technology.
  •       Commitment to Diversity: Gives inclusiveness and diversity in hiring a high priority.

Contact Details of Adecco:

Address: ST Square Building Plot No C 167, Office no 204-206 First floor, Industrial Area, Sector 74, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140308

Phone No.: 0172 491 7000



4. Miles Ahead 91 Consultants

Miles Ahead 91 Consultants is leading the way in global creative staffing techniques that enhance client performance. They offer various services, such as training, strategic staffing campaigns, and recruiting executives and board positions. They have expertise with contract staffing, permanent placement, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), assessment centres, and more. They tailor their solutions to each client’s particular requirements. Their deep understanding of local and international market dynamics allows them to effectively design and manage staffing strategies for businesses of all kinds. They provide services to the banking, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and information technology sectors, and they are well aware of the unique challenges that the Indian market faces. They represent themselves as a flexible business associate.

Key features of Miles Ahead 91 Consultants:

  •       Global Recruiting Expertise: Proficient in international management recruitment and strategic hiring,                  focusing on cross-border staffing solutions.
  •       Broad Service Offering: Provides various services, including Outsourcing the Recruitment Process,                        Permanent Placement, Contract Staffing, and Assessment Centers.
  •       Flexibility in Changing Markets: Well-known for their speed and adaptability, they can swiftly adapt to the          constantly shifting demands of growing markets.
  •       Broad Industry Experience: They promise an exhaustive strategy for talent acquisition, drawing from their          experience in various sectors such as IT, hospitality, healthcare, retail, and finance.

Contact Details of Miles Ahead 91 Consultants:

Address: Miles ahead 91 Consultants C 210, 2nd Floor, Sebiz Square sector 67 Mohali 160062

Phone No.: 8872006878



5. Chandigarh Recruiters

Currently, a well-known staffing firm headquartered in Mohali, Chandigarh Recruiters focuses on managed offshore services, contract staffing, placement consulting, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), permanent recruitment, and placement, mainly in the IT and medical industries. Known for their dedication to perfection, they set themselves apart from other job consultants by taking a more in-depth, individualised approach to hiring.

Key Features of Chandigarh Recruiters:

  •       The ability to perform both contract and permanent hiring.
  •       Specialisation in the IT and medical fields.
  •       Managed far-away services and full recruitment process outsourcing.
  •       Proven track record of hiring for many reputable companies.
  •       The focus is on establishing lasting ties with applicants.
  •       When choosing applicants, we consider professionalism, analytical prowess, and creativity.
  •       A large selection of staffing options for various job categories.
  •       A customised method to find candidates’ untapped abilities and desired careers.
  •       A dedication to placing applicants in positions that promote advancement and career satisfaction.
  •       Prioritises learning why candidates are changing jobs to identify the best fit.

Contact Details of Chandigarh Recruiters:

Address: SCO 657, sector 70, SAS Nagar, Mohali, Chandigarh 160070

Phone No.: 099154 68755




In conclusion, TDS Group, Arch Recruiters, Adecco, Miles Ahead 91 Consultants, and Chandigarh Recruiters—the top 5 staffing companies in Mohali—each contribute their unique talents and areas of expertise to the recruitment sector. These companies provide a wide range of services, from executive placement to temporary staffing, and they are highly successful in some industries, including IT, healthcare, power, hospitality, and retail. They are positioned as industry leaders because they focus on client satisfaction, moral business conduct, and creative recruitment techniques. These businesses are major players in Mohali’s employment scene and are essential in connecting skilled workers with the ever-changing labor market.



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