Fashion Consultant

Fashion Consultant

Job description Fashion Consultant

Job function: Fashion consultant – Shop ID Fields of responsibility:

  •   Area: the sales floor within a Partner store
  •   Sales and customer service:

o Greet our customers and approach them by offering help and suggestions.
o Serve our customers in a polite way in all areas; find sizes and the right style.
o Be always interested, attentive and honest towards our customers.
o Offer extra sales to increase the basket size and the turnover.
o Present yourself in the best possible way by wearing Bestseller clothes and having a

smile on your face at all times.
o Keep updated on trends, fashion and products as well as in-store assortment, stock

situation and top/bottom sellers.
o Give feedback to your Brand Manager about customer needs, wishes and desired styles. o Handle complaints and returns friendly, helpfully and professionally.
o Keep updated on complaint and exchange rules and customer rights.

 Merchandising and shop appearance:
o Fill-up the sales floor (tables, racks, shelves) by taking care of balance of sizes and

o Follow the merchandising guidelines and keep updated on it at all times.
o Give feedback on customer flow and high/low frequented furniture and the products

that are sold there.
o Ensure that your shop always looks the best by taking care of cleanliness in all areas,

atmosphere and replenishment.

 Inventory Management & Registers
o To maintain the registers with regard to competition numbers and number of sales done

o To maintain the inventory & stock levels
o To ensure the stock inward and outward is done in collaboration with the DM and in a

timely manner.

 Personality and attitude:

o Represent Bestseller and its 10 Basic Principles at all times.
o Keep updated on Bestseller’s history, set-up, Code of Conduct etc.
o Support events and campaigns as well as daily routines with purpose and enthusiasm. o Be open-minded towards challenges, working hours and extra tasks.
o Be interested in our figures and results and contribute to reach our targets.

 Shop operations and any other business:
o Attend actively on staff meetings and trainings.
o Walk attentively through the shop and take action at all times, i.e. when you see

garments/waste on the floor, messy/empty tables or racks and customers that need

o Treat all fixtures and fittings with care and keep all shop areas clean and in order.
o Attend the stock takes by following the local instructions.
o Have an insight in our daily results in turnover, basket size, hit rate, gross margin etc. o Be informed about the yearly marketing plan

and current events and campaigns.

 

o Execute security and safety procedures.

Success criteria:

  •   Your work creates a positive development in terms of shop results.
  •   You represent Bestseller’s 10 principles and philosophy at all times.
  •   Your colleagues feel closeness and support and understand the value of your function.
  •   You develop new initiatives to improve BSR and your opportunities within the company.
  •   You work at all times towards BSR’s targets, including:

o creating the preferred place to shop and the most attractive place to work o positive progress of the shops (10% bottom line result)
o products, atmosphere and merchandising
o We serve our customers!

o Us – together – nearness. Our people are number 1
Your success will be discussed each 12 month. The yearly evaluation is based on the assessment tool and

will be used to discuss responsibility and salary.

Reference person:

 Name – Team leader
Bestseller’s 10 Basic Principles

Since 1975 we have been working on these 10 principles:

  1. We are honest.
  2. We are hard-working.
  3. We are loyal.
  4. We are co-operative.
  5. We are business minded.
  6. We want to see results.
  7. We want simple solutions.
  8. We take nothing for granted.
  9. We always keep our promises.
  10. We want to be the best.


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