Power Sector

Power Sector

TDS Group expertise in Power Sector to design, develop, install, operate and maintain Web-Based Software for Single Window systems. We deliver innovative workforce solutions to the government power departments that increase efficiency & spur productivity of the departments.

The electric collection system was conceptualized to accept energy and non-energy receipts through various collection models, viz. Cash Collection counters, B2C Web and Mobile e-payment service, B2B bill collection service by third-party service providers.

Electronic collection systems enable real-time monitoring, fraud prevention, decrease cost, increase employee productivity, and offer multiple payment methods to the consumer. The system presently serves over 30 lac consumers of Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam, Uttar Pradesh power corporation limited, and Uttrakhand power corporation limited.

Why must the power sector think about investing in such web-based software?

Even though everyone is quite well acquainted with the traditional means, it might seem like a challenge to shift to the new system. But with a wide variety of challenges that managers face when making a move, investing in software turns out to be beneficial in many ways. Here are a few advantages of the web-based software:

  1. Trigger business productivity while enhancing overall profitability.
  2. This system helps to map out the needs or necessities of the power sector.
  3. It allows managers to distribute or align resources without losing efficiency.
  4. Simplifies operational executions irrespective of the business model. 
  5. Simplifies the complexities of the conventional systems and smoothens the ongoing activities.

It’s pretty evident that such solutions are no fad, but they have everything that enables them to transform business operations that allows them to increase productivity simultaneously.

Why is the single window system trending now?

  1. When implemented effectively, this system translates into the following benefits.
  2. For a government as a whole, it helps to increase revenue by being compliant with rules, improved efficiency, and better resource allocation.
  3. It is a more transparent and predictable process that has less or no bureaucracy. 
  4. It helps with staff productivity, increased revenue, and a more structured working environment from the administration standpoint.

What Can You Expect With TDS Group’s Web-based software?

It will help your organization with:

  1. Management of everyday tasks will unify all the modules and integrate them internally to navigate the challenges across multiple channels.
  2. Accumulating cash, whether in-person or through online payments, can be pretty challenging. A single missed information causes financial loss. With software, one can easily manage and monitor such challenges. 

Think of all the emails, phone calls, and paper documents that one used to record to communicate the information across business stakeholders and customers. With web-based software, one can say “bye” to the errors and missing information. 

Workflows provide a way to automate processes, reduce the number of steps, and ensure that the tasks are getting done at the right time.

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