Retail Services

Retail Services

TDS Group partners with multiple brands or retail companies at numerous locations. We convert retail data into sales and profit for the world’s top-tier producers, retailers, from supply chain to shelf, every day.

As the clients push the limits among physical and digital, products and services, we assist you with making the enduring brand worth and client experience you imagine – with genuine digital advantage.

As TDS Group put its first step in the retail industry, and it did not take much time to open Levis and PUMA Retail outlets at various locations across India.


At present, TDS Group has Levi’s and PUMA retail outlets at Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Patiala, Hoshiarpur, Solan, Mandi, Punchkul, and is investing to open more stores in PAN India also. Through constantly expanding retail outlets, many new jobs are being created and it gives many people a platform to prosper and grow.


There is a massive shift in the retail industry. The new and innovative technologies, evolving customer expectations, and emerging digital assets are causing a disruption. Clearly, with so many changes happening in the retail sector, it is more than necessary now to follow the trends to achieve the desired results.

And with everything moving towards customer-centricity, creating a positive experience is more than necessary. While retail automation is helping business owners to keep their customers interested in their endeavors, the need for expansion of sales and marketing channels is becoming the need of the hour. 

At TDS, we believe in creating hyper-connected and engaging experiences for our clients and their customers. We ensure that our clients showcase agility in an adaptation of modern trends and business process optimization.

We provide our clients with siloed strategies, business model options that help them achieve seamless, omnichannel visibility. Our end-to-end approach helps them achieve their desired outcomes.

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What Makes Us Different?

Actionable insights

We research the market trends and give you a clear picture of customer needs, interests, and desires. We help our clients with branding and improving their performance.

Enhancing retail experience

If you need a perspective outside your business, we are the right people to get in touch with. Our professionals help identify opportunities for growth. We have helped our clients before and intend to repeat our success stories with you. We will ensure to devise strategies that will suit your business needs.

Customized services

We don’t believe in one size fits all. This is why we build programs or strategies from scratch that match your needs. We will devise our plans as per your specifications. This is how we can scale our strategy so quickly.

Refine strategies by including analytics  

We make sure to include analytics while devising and refining retail strategies. It helps our clients understand our role in enhancing their sales and conversions. 

The retail industry isn’t about displays or newspaper ads alone. It has entered a phase of digital promotions now! We have a team of strategists and analysts who help our clients find the trends and where the industry is going. 

Customers are more empowered now. 

If you want to engage with your customers, you need to build a brand story that acts as an extension of your physical store. 

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