Store Manager

Store Manager

Job description Store Manager

Job function: Store Manager Fields of responsibility:

  •   Area: All EBOS (Single Brand store, Multi Brand store & Mega Store)
  •   Shop management: Staff planning:

o Ensure an efficient staff plan that covers all areas at all times.
o Check sum-up of working hours for all staff members at the end of the week/month and

ensure that we are within target (staff costs). Sales and customer service:

o Execute sales and service to customer as first priority
o Ensure that there is a standardized greeting and salutation line for all our customers. o Create an “approach to customer” attitude in the staff.
o Achieve 80% score in the customer service metrics of mystery audit results.
o Ensure implementation of Bestseller’s service standards; all employees greet and serve

our customers.
o Ensure that complaints and returns are handled friendly, helpfully and professionally. o Keep updated on complaint and exchange rules and customer rights.
o Ensure Month on month growth in sales turnover of stores
o Ensure growth in creating the preferred place to shop and the most attractive place to

o Positive progress of the shops (10% bottom line result)

Cash point:
o Ensure cleanliness at the cash point and speed in filling-up of bags, gimmicks, etc. o Operate the cash point when ever it is needed.
o Count the money when you take the cash box and ensure enough change, collect

money from purchase and cash up at the end of the day.
o Ensuring correct cash and card sales to be recorded and send to finance
o Ensure that cash and credit card receipts have been submitted in the bank

Merchandising and shop appearance:
o Execute the Store walk on a daily basis for stock display audits
o Execute the 360 degree checklist is done on a weekly basis
o for stock display audits
o Ensure and support replenishment of the sales floor (tables, racks, shelves) by taking

care of balance of sizes and products/styles with Floor Manager.
o Ensure implementation of Visual merchandising guidelines and keep updated on it at all

o Check handling of leftovers/cleaning point, defected items, alteration and reserved

goods by using notice slips.
o Ensure right placement for products according to sales reports.
o Ensure that your shop always looks best by taking care of cleanliness in all areas,

atmosphere and replenishment.
o Ensure that music and TV-screens are working.

o Create, execute and follow-up on action/business plans for your area of responsibility.

o Follow-up of Area Operations Manager visit report and keep deadlines. o Manage and build multiple skills within team members.

 Buying and product development support:
o Follow-up on stock age and rate of stock turnover (ROST) on a weekly basis and take

action on it. (Expected minimum rotation 8 times a year – target 12 times in general) o Ensure on time mark-downs in cooperation with your Area Operations Manager
o Within your shop you have to ensure products, stock situation, general repeat orders,

reductions, supply and working with the extranet information tool
o Give regular feedback about collections and customer demands to your Buyer and Area

Operations Manager to ensure improvement of the assortment.

 Team leadership Display:
o Ensure Orientation of a new staff member to company and brand.
o Coach and motivate the staff on the Retail KPIs.
o Retain the top 10 performers in the store.
o Appraise and evaluate individuals (6 months and yearly) for the staff within your shop. o Delegate sales targets targets based on individual capacity of all store staff
o Delegate store management responsibilities to floor managers so that the store is

managed without dependency. Ensure follow-ups on all delegated tasks.
o Be a role model for all latest style and business trends in the store
o Train employees for increasing sales and service efficiency of the store.
o Analyse store sales patterns and make an action plan (monthly).
o Enforce discipline and policies in the shopfloor – Punctuality, All Staff(incl Housekeeping

and security) to be in uniforms, Employee discount policy, Shrinkage recovery etc. o Lead by example regarding Bestseller’s values and attitudes and ensure its

implementation within the shop.

 Financial figures and results:
o Take ownership for all expenses that you can influence: costs for staff, marketing

material etc.
o Ensure timely reports are sent to HO/Back-office (EOD reports, Month-end reports) o Contribute to the yearly planning for budgets and shop expenses.
o Follow-up on daily/monthly/yearly financial reports and ensure that we are within

 budgets (turnover, purchase etc.),
 figures (gross margin, hit rate, basket size etc.)  expenses (staff- and administration costs).

o Ensure the stock take result in relationship to the gross turnover is in accordance with tolerance levels (0.5% of stock values)

 Personality and attitude:
o Represent Bestseller and its 10 Basic Principles at all times.
o Keep updated on Bestseller’s history, brands key elements, Code of Conduct etc.
o Operate with purpose (self driven) and high on enthusiasm and energy.
o High ownership and entrepreneurship levels.
o Ability to read and analyse Store KPIs and make a business plan to reach our targets.

 Shop operations and any other business:
o Participate actively in all team briefings and trainings.
o Ensure that all merchandise coming from the warehouse has been entered in the POS correctly.


o Monitor attentively through the shop and take action at all times, i.e. when you see garments/waste on the floor, messy/empty tables or racks and customers that need help.

o Treat all fixtures and fittings with care and keep all shop areas clean and in order. o Ensure store operating procedures are followed without any failure.
o Keep updated on our products, assortments, fashion and trends.
o Execute the sales plan and help in optimising all PR campaigns for increasing sales

turnover .
o Ensure security and safety procedures, for both staff and merchandise.
o Follow-up on snag/maintenance lists with the maintenance team or agencies to ensure

that the store is maintained as per the standards expected from the brands. o Ensuring all the SOP’s are followed as per the laid down procedures.

Success criteria:

  •   Your work creates a positive development in terms of shop results.
  •   You represent Bestseller’s 10 principles and philosophy at all times.
  •   Your colleagues feel closeness and support and understand the value of your function.
  •   You develop new initiatives to improve BSR and your opportunities within the company.
  •   You work at all times towards BSR’s targets, including:

o creating the preferred place to shop and the most attractive place to work o positive progress of the shops (10% bottom line result)
o products, atmosphere and merchandising
o We serve our customers!

o Us – together – nearness. Our people are number 1
Your success will be discussed each 12 month. The yearly evaluation is based on the assessment tool and

will be used to discuss responsibility and salary.

Bestseller’s 10 Basic Principles

Since 1975 we have been working on these 10 principles:

  1. We are honest.
  2. We are hard-working.
  3. We are loyal.
  4. We are co-operative.
  5. We are business minded.
  6. We want to see results.
  7. We want simple solutions.
  8. We take nothing for granted.
  9. We always keep our promises.
  10. We want to be the best.


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