Store Visual Merchandiser

Store Visual Merchandiser

Job Description: Store Visual Merchandiser

of responsibility:

  •   Area: one EBO or brand within a Multi Label Store or Mega Store.
  •   Marketing and Merchandising:

o Ensure shop appearance and Bestseller’s shop standards by following the brand’s concepts and guidelines.

o Follow-up on merchandising guidelines and help to improve it by giving feedbacks to the Asst. Manager – Visual Merchandising, if existing to the Executive – Visual Merchandising in your area.

o Ensure a regular and fast movement of goods within the shop depending on sales (bad- and best seller – A,B and C-area).

o Ensure new goods fast and right placed in the shop and follow-up on its sales.
o Keep windows, mannequins and walls on a high level of merchandising regarding

visual and commercial merchandising.
o Ensure replenishment of shop as per refill reports on a daily basis.
o Ensure 360 degree replenishment is done on a weekly basis.
o Giving regular feedback on product to the Manager.
o Keep informed about the yearly marketing plan and take action from it for your

o Prepare and monitor campaigns and events to get full effect out of the marketing

o Keep Visual Merchandising guidelines in cooperation with the Asst. Manager –

Visual Merchandising up to date
o Execute a daily communication with the Asst. Manager – Visual Merchandising /

Executive – Visual Merchandising
o Send regularly picture reports about your shop to your Asst. Manager – Visual

o Ensure introduction and training of Visual Merchandising principles for all new

staff members
o Plan and execute regular meetings/trainings/workshops in terms of knowledge

about trends/fashion/products and Visual Merchandising. o Follow-up on results of trainings and evaluations.
o Delegate responsibilities and follow-up on it.
o Take care for inventory and furnishings.

 Products and Buying:
o Follow-up on stock rotation/stock reports and take action on it. (Expected

minimum rotation 8 times a year – target 12 times!)
o Suggest and evaluate mark-downs in due time in cooperation with your Shop

o Evaluate products, stock situation, re-orders and supply and give feedback to your

Asst. Manager – Visual Merchandising/Executive – Visual Merchandising

 Representing and Communication:
– Give service at any time of working hours you are in the store and customers ask

for assistance
o Ensure that all employees wear Bestseller clothes.
o Behave by example regarding Bestseller’s values and attitudes and

ensure/execute its implementation in all shops.
o Follow-up on yearly/monthly/daily budgets (turnover, purchase etc.) and figures

(Gross Margin, Hit Rate, Basket Size etc.) of your store and ensure that we are within target.


o Ensuring the allocated SIS counters are visited on a weekly basis and maintained as per the guidelines.

 Financial figures and results:

  •   Treatment of material in the stores and office material
  •   Handling of fixtures, mannequins, hangars & price signs
  •   Follow-up on and be always up to date about your shops daily/monthly/yearly KPIperformance and status
  •   Performance and Process Management reports (Sales, ROST, Stock age, BS Trxn,Category performance)Success criteria:
  •   Your work creates a positive development in terms of shop results.
  •   You represent Bestseller’s 10 principles and philosophy at all times.
  •   Your colleagues feel closeness and support and understand the value of your function.
  •   You should develop new initiatives to improve Bestseller Business and your opportunitieswithin the company.
  •   You work at all times towards Bestseller targets, including:

o creating the preferred place to shop and the most attractive place to work o positive progress of the shops (10% bottom line result)
o products, atmosphere and merchandising
o We serve our customers!

o Us – together – nearness. Our people are number 1 Reference person:

 full name – Assistant Manager – Visual Merchandising


Bestseller’s 10 Basic Principles

Since 1975 we have been working according to these 10 principles

  1. We are honest.
  2. We are hard-working.
  3. We are loyal.
  4. We are co-operative.
  5. We are business minded.
  6. We want to see results.
  7. We want simple solutions.
  8. We take nothing for granted.
  9. We always keep our promises.
  10. We want to be the best.
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