Top 5 Hospitality Companies in Mohali

Top 5 Hospitality Companies in Mohali

Many hospitality businesses have come up in Mohali to meet the demands of the expanding market as the hospitality sector continues to expand. These businesses have not only given their customers top-notch services but have also given the locals job opportunities. The top 5 hospitality businesses in Mohali that you should be aware of are listed in this post.

1.  TDS Group

With its innovative offerings, TDS Group, a top Chandigarh recruitment agency, is transforming the hospitality sector. TDS Group has developed its staffing recruitment skills over 20 years of experience in various industries, including telecom, pharmaceutical, real estate, IT, engineering, automotive, FMCG, construction, chemical, and petroleum. The company is now applying this wealth of knowledge to the hospitality industry.

Their strategy in the hospitality sector is unique since it combines state-of-the-art technology with time-honored hiring practices. TDS Group avoids providing generic solutions in favor of providing specialized services with excellence. They develop custom plans and techniques adapted to the particular needs of their customers, promoting quick scalability and effectiveness in the hospitality industry.

TDS Group uses a lot of analytics in its hospitality services strategy. Using an analytical approach, they can better tailor hospitality strategies and offer insightful advice, helping their clients maintain a competitive edge in the market. Using cutting-edge promotional tactics and digital marketing instead of conventional advertising, they help clients increase customer engagement and conversions.

To give their clients a competitive edge, TDS Group’s  strategists and analysts diligently search for new trends in the hospitality sector. Their dedication to improving the visitor experience is crucial. TDS Group ensures its customers can efficiently interact with them and create an engaging brand story that works offline and online. TDS Group has established itself as a hospitality service leader by providing comprehensive solutions ranging from market research to strategic development. The company regularly provides clients with creative and practical solutions to help them deal with the complexities of the hospitality sector. TDS Group stands out among Hospitality Companies in Mohali.

Features of TDS Group:

  1. Specialized Hospitality Recruiting: TDS Group is a frontrunner in the hospitality industry, providing unmatched sourcing solutions for industries including IT, real estate, telecom, and medicine. They are excellent at finding the right people for the right jobs, guaranteeing satisfaction for professionals and hospitality businesses.
  2. Tailored Strategy for Hospitality: TDS Group specializes in creating strategies specifically tailored to the needs of each client, acknowledging that no two are alike. Their customized programs match each customer’s unique needs, resulting in scalable and effective hospitality management solutions.
  3. Two Years of Diverse Experience: TDS Group has over 20 years of experience in various industries, including hospitality. Their vast experience enables them to improve their procedures and acquire knowledge of the subtleties involved in hospitality and customer service.
  4. Innovative Technology in Hospitality Hiring: TDS Group uses digital tools and analytics to easily match the best candidates for hospitality roles by incorporating cutting-edge technology into their hiring procedures.
  5. Extensive Market Research in the Hospitality Sector: TDS Group conducts extensive market research to keep up with industry trends and customer demands. Their strategies are informed by this research, which helps them stay on the cutting edge of market developments.
  6. The Omnichannel Approach in Hospitality: TDS Group helps clients achieve seamless visibility across multiple platforms because it recognizes the value of an omnichannel presence in the modern hospitality industry. Through various channels, their all-inclusive approach facilitates operational streamlining for hospitality businesses.
  7. Actionable Insights for Hospitality Clients: TDS Group assists clients in the hospitality industry by offering insightful information that helps them comprehend market trends and consumer preferences. This advice is essential for businesses to improve performance and make wise decisions.
  8. Improving the Guest Experience: TDS Group focuses on enhancing the guest experience and provides services that assist in identifying growth opportunities and creating memorable brand narratives. Their tactics are intended to interact with offline and online clients in the hospitality industry.
  9. Broad Industry Insight Applied to Hospitality: TDS Group offers many diverse insights to the hospitality industry, drawing from its experience in various sectors. Their ability to apply cutting-edge solutions and best practices across industries enables them in hospitality settings.
  10. Truth- and ethics-driven procedures: Integrity and ethics are central to TDS Group’s mission. By upholding these values in their interactions with candidates and clients, they have established a climate of mutual respect and trust that has forged enduring bonds and guaranteed success in their hospitality hiring initiatives.

Contact Details of TDS Group:

Address: TDS TOWER, E-193, IT Park, Indl. Area, Sector 74, Phase 8-B, Mohali, Chandigarh

Phone: 0172-5090668


2. Regenta Place

The Regenta Place, A member of the quickly growing Royal Orchid & Regenta Hotels, Mohali, provides a wide range of hospitality services. The hotel is situated near Mohali Airport and offers 36 tastefully decorated rooms, a wide array of dining choices, and first-rate banqueting facilities. They serve both leisure and business travelers and are well known for their friendly Indian hospitality and dedication to ensuring each guest has a positive experience. Over 95 properties are operated by this expanding brand, which has been under the direction of Mr. Chander K Baljee since 2001. It places a strong emphasis on comfort, excellent food, and affordability.

Features of Regenta Place:

  1. Convenience of Mohali Airport
  2. 36 Generous, Modern Rooms
  3. Several Restaurants, One of Which Is Rooftop
  4. Adaptable Event Spaces
  5. A Component of the Growing Regenta & Royal Orchid Hotel Network

Contact Details of Regenta Place:

Address: Plot no. 620, Mohali-1 Commercial Center, TDI City, Airport Road, Sector 119, SAS Nagar, Mohali, Punjab – 140301

Phone: +91 7090971909


3. Treebo Trend Benz

The 3-star Treebo Trend Benz in Mohali, Chandigarh, provides safe, reasonably priced lodging close to the airport. With eighteen tastefully furnished rooms that comply with Treebo Hygiene Shield guidelines, the hotel offers a banquet hall, restaurant, and complimentary breakfast. It’s ideally situated for business and leisure travelers, close to popular tourist destinations and transportation hubs.

Features of Treebo Trend Benz:

  1. Near the international airport of Chandigarh
  2. Eighteen Beautifully Styled Rooms
  3. On-site restaurant and banquet space
  4. Free Buffet for Breakfast
  5. Convenient Access to Popular Tourist Destinations

Contact Details of Treebo Trend Benz:

Address: Phase 9, Industrial Area, Mohali Chandigarh

Phone: +91 9322800100


4. Retreat Holidays

With ten years of experience, Retreat Holidays is a reputable travel company specializing in designing fantastic travel experiences throughout India. With a dependable booking system, travel insurance, and access to over 500 worldwide destinations, they prioritize making lasting vacation experiences. Their goal is to be a reputable leader in hospitality and travel, offering top-notch services all year.

Features of Retreat Holidays:

  1. More than ten years of travel agency experience
  2. Availability of Over 500 Worldwide Destinations
  3. Customized Journeys
  4. Dependable Reservations System
  5. Extensive Selections for Travel Insurance

Contact Details of Retreat Holidays:

Address: IT TOWER, E261 phase 8b Mohali, NH5, INDUSTRIAL AREA, SECTOR 74, SAS NAGAR, PUNJAB 160055

Phone: 0172 4029165


5. RedBean

This well-known corporate business in India was founded in 2005 and specializes in hospital catering services. They follow dietary guidelines and provide patients and hospital employees with wholesome diets. With more than 15 years of experience, they use professional chefs and fresh ingredients to prepare meals while guaranteeing hygienic conditions, high quality, and prompt delivery.

Features of RedBean:

  1. Focuses on providing catering services for healthcare
  2. Healthful Patient Diets According to Physician Advice
  3. Expert Chefs for Preparing Meals
  4. Strict Standards for Hygiene and Quality
  5. On-time Meal Delivery to Hospitals

Contact Details of RedBean:

Address: SCO 165-166, TDI City, Sector 117 Airport Road, Mohali, Punjab 140307

Phone: +91 978 0455 646



To sum up, Mohali has a rich and varied hospitality scene, and each of these top five businesses provides distinctive services to meet various needs. There is something for every type of traveler or business, from the inventive hospitality recruitment methods of TDS Group to the opulent accommodations of Regent Place, from the affordable Treebo Trend Benz options to the customized travel experiences offered by Retreat Holidays. The specialized healthcare catering services provided by RedBean give this ever-evolving industry an additional facet. Through creating jobs and community development, these businesses improve the travel and hospitality experience in Mohali and make a substantial economic contribution to the area.



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