Our Clients

With our experience in a plethora of fields, it allowed us to work with so many MSMEs and SMEs and candidates in diverse industries:

  1. Professional services 
  2. Recruiting services
  3. Temporary staffing

Besides that, we are also involved with clients for manpower outsourcing, power sector, retail, hospitality, and education.

We believe in the thought process that a partnership is a mutual thing. We always make sure that everything is done transparently. This helps us to develop trust and respect within our clients. 

It’s no more surprising that to form productive relationships, they must be goal-oriented. Only then can one develop long-term relationships. At TDS, we believe in this philosophy. This is what makes our clients stay with us for a longer time. 

We’ve represented various startups and Fortune 500 companies with the same thought process and dedication. Thus, it helped our clients achieve great success and build lasting relationships.

OUR CLIENTS- Meet Them Here

Logos of the companies

We are committed to reshaping organizations and driving lasting value. 

Since we serve corporations and government organizations, we don’t take our responsibility lightly. With our experience in various recruiting activities, we help organizations create an impact even during complex conditions. 

We always recognize the trust that companies place in us. That’s why we always strive to do the best in every endeavor of ours.

What Clients Say About Our Process

It takes a partner to understand the skills and expertise to fill in the role aligned with a company’s goals. Working with the TDS group means the same. Here’s how we help our clients find the best resource. 

  • Assessing the information about employers and candidates helps us bridge the gap when hiring managers or temporary staff for the clients. We reach out only to the people that match the skills and expectations of our clients.
  • Attract suitable candidates by prioritizing the candidate’s needs and goals. Whether someone is looking for more challenging work or better pay, we have the right opportunities for everyone.
  • Evaluate the top of the stack and spend time evaluating skills, background, and fit as per our clients’ needs. This due diligence allows us to excel in all our endeavors.
  • Selecting candidates and preparing them for interviews by sharing insights makes it quite helpful for both clients and candidates to find the perfect fit. 
  • The job isn’t over after the selection is made. We help our clients with employee performance until we talk about the next opportunity.

About TDS

We go above and beyond to help our clients with recruitments and employee handling. We are always available to match our clients’ needs. The professionals work closely with the clients to craft the best solution as per their needs and wants. Thus, hiring the most skilled talent and ramping up your team. 

So, if you find it tough to find workers with technical skills, let us help you. We will allow you access to all the skill sets through our strategic recruiting strategies. This helps us find the right talent. 

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